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Clean HTML & CSS coding

Clean HTML & CSS coding

Jan 17, 12:48 PM in Web Design & Coding

The skeleton of a web page is it HTML and CSS code. On the screen you see pictures, colors, banners but its true nature is a combination of tags with its attributes. As all other thing in the world this combination can be good or not so good.

Importance of Clean HTML & CSS code

Clean and valid code is very critical for Search Engine Optimization. Imagine reading a letter with errors and weird symbols between words. Reading such a letter would not be a fun. The same is true for search engine spiders. They like right syntax just like human beings.

Furthermore, a website pages coded properly load and display a great deal faster. For users this factor is one of the most important. HTML & CSS code’s valid structure enables search engine spiders find page content in a smooth way, without skidding.

How do you get ‘dirty’ code?

Nothing appears by itself. “Dirty” code is generated by some design software or Content Management Systems. There is a number of popular CMS that have tendency to produce unnecessary code, regardless of other advantages. This unnecessary code can be difficult to edit. That’s choosing a proper CMS that does not generate “dirty” code is critical for site SEO. Speaking honestly, we never had such problems with Textpattern or Drupal.

Chaotic HTML code may look fine for users. They may not see any problems on the screen. That code may be indexed well by search engine spiders as well. Nevertheless, clean code is better interpreted by search engines and load faster. Once CSS and HTML are ready. It is recommended to validate them through validation services for


The clean code is the first step to site’s success on the web.