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Search Engine Optimization

The idea behind the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your website search engine friendly. SEO involves a wide variety of methods that enable your site’s higher search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization process is one of the smartest investments you can ever think of. First, it may be difficult to understand what you pay money for and how this SEO affects your business. Business means people. People will never find you if your website is not properly optimized. That why SEO plus this affordable investment is a must if you want to be visible on the web.

The entire SEO process may be divided into several stages:

Initial SEO analysis

The initial analysis determines what keywords are most relevant to your site, where your site and those of your competitors stand and how many other sites, if any, are linked to yours. Proper keywords increase a target audience of your site leading to more conversions. And the more in-bound links from trust-worthy sites your site has, the better is its position in search engines. The preparation stage includes:

• Keyword Analysis
• Duplicate Content Check
• In-bound Links Analysis
• Internal Linking Analysis
• Canonicalization Detection
• Analysis Of Flash/JavaScript Usage
• Competitors Analysis
• Current Placement Report
• Search Engine Saturation Report
SEO Compatibility Of Site Architecture
• Web Design Enhancement

On Site SEO Services

On Site SEO deals with site’s structure and content. In order to get high ranking in search engines your site’s structure and its contents should be made “search engine friendly”. The following techniques contribute to the site promotion.

• Title Tag Optimization
• Creation and Optimization of Robots.txt
• W3c Validation
• Working on HTML Source Code
• Image & Hyperlink Optimization
• Header Tag Optimization
• Keyword Rich URLs generation
• Meta Tag Optimization
SEO Content Creation
• Inter Linking Structure
XML sitemap generation

Off Site SEO Services

Off Site SEO Services deal with external factor affecting your site’s position in search engines.

• Link Building
• Article Submissions
• Press Releases
• Manual Directory Inclusions
• Profile Creation
• Blog posting
• Article Submission
• Press Releases
• Directory Submission
• Profile Creation
RSS Feeds
• Facebook and Twitter accounts

Off-site SEO plan

Manual Search EngineSubmission yesyesyes
Manual Directory Submission 203550
Link building 304560
Article Directories Used for Each Article 102030
SEO Article Creation579
Social Book Marking102030
Forum / Blog Posting102030
Price Per Month USD 600.00USD 750.00  USD  900

SEO Service Cost

Average pricing for our SEO clients ranges from $250 to $1100 a month (see approximate off-site SEO service cost above), depending on the size of site and scope of work involved. This is an average for on-site optimization along with link building and content creation.

The time schedule for SEO services is normally based on contract; however we can complete all on-site recommendations/changes within 1 month. We take clients on a contractual basis and charge monthly for link building and content creation. If our clients are looking only for on-site optimization, this is a 1 month process and the prices mentioned above can be adjusted according to the size of the site and scope of work. (Please keep in mind that 1-time on-site optimization only prepares the site for ranking and may result in rankings, but without link building and content creation these rankings will not see much movement.)

What We Guarantee

How soon your site will get to the top of search engine result page depends on what key words it has on its pages. If your site’s niche is very competitive SEO process will takes more time and efforts. SEO’s impact on your site is not instantaneous. SEO takes step-by-step and thoroughly elaborated strategy owing to which you site little-by-little move upward. We guarantee our SEO works will enable your site start its steady move to the top of the search engines result page within 1 month.

We will optimize your site to increase its rankings with major search engines. This will drive targeted online users to your site, as well as attract new users through the use of relevant keywords and phrases. Not only will we help you gain those higher rankings, but maintain your status through continual management and support.