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Initial SEO Auditing

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Before starting a SEO campaign it is necessary to complete a thorough and detailed analysis of the optimized website. Preliminary SEO analysis helps to set the direction of the further SEO process.

This initial analysis discovers week and strong points of the site’s structure, URLs, Meta tags, keywords, content, etc.

A after the analysis is completed a detailed SEO report will be provided to you with description of the website’s pluses and minuses and the scope of required work to be done to enable the site to rank high in search engines.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis detects your most relevant key words to target. Whether your website is searchable or not depends a proper number of right key words on your site pages. Irrelevant key words will not get you anywhere, no matter how interesting and informative your site content is.

Duplicate Content Check & Content Suggestions Report

Unique content is a way to ranking high in search engines today. Search engines get smarter every day and easily detect whether the content is original or copied from other websites. Unique content combined with a set of relevant keywords pave the way to the future site high rank.

Flash/JavaScript Usage Analysis

Excessive use of Flash and JavaScript may hinder a website search engine visibility.

Site Navigation Analysis

How a web site is structured may cause problems for both visitors and search engines in their attempts to find the website pages. That is why site architecture is critical. Site Navigation Analysis discovers whether site navigation helps or hinders search engines spiders crawl through the site indexing its content.

Search Engine Saturation Report

Search Engine Saturation points out to how many of pages of your site are indexed by a search engine.

In-bound Links Report

In-bound Links Report detects how many links from eternal sites are referring to yours. Getting in-bound links from trusted sites is one of the critical factors in SEO process that necessitate link-building strategy.

Competition Analysis

Discovers what your competitors’ websites are in the eyes of search engines spiders, what other sites are linked to them, what SEO strategies they employ, and last but not the least how you can beat them.