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Apr 29, 10:30 AM in

A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a great tool for creating a site quickly. Designing a theme is no problem because all CMS have a multitude of readymade free or premium themes that can be installed with a couple of mouse clicks. Using a CMS saves time, especially when administering your website or managing its content.

When choosing or using CMS for your site consider its SEO capacity. Your site may look nice, but a beautiful design alone will not bring visitors.

In any case, a simple and easy-to-use design is extremely important when a visitor has already found the site in the Internet.

Consider these questions before taking your CMS-powered site on-line:

  • Does your CMS allow editing individual article and section titles? If not, does it have any SEO plug-in through which one can edit article titles?
  • Does your CMS allow pages to have clean URLs? [1]
  • Does your CMS allow for creating XML sitemap?
  • Does your CMS tend to generate trash code when publishing an article? [2]
  • Does your CMS allow you to edit meta tags?

At least these points should be considered before powering your site with a CMS to avoid problems with search engine visibility in the future.

1 Clean URL looks like www.yoursite.com/downloads/sample.html, instead of www.yoursite.com/2/dl?145) Clean URLs are very important for SEO because a page’s URL contributes to its ranking in search engines.

2 By trash code I mean unnecessary HTML tags often generated by WYSIWG editors of many popular CMS.