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Textpattern Artilce List With Thumbnails That Are Not Article Images

Jan 25, 02:55 PM in Content Management Systems

In Textpattern it is very easy to assign an image (or several images with few tricks) to an article and with simple short code to create a list of articles represented by their images or thumbnails. However, it is also possible to create the same list with any image uploaded to the Textpatterned site. In this case pictures do not have to be assigned to articles. Sometimes it can come in handy.

Here is a simple code for this. Any image that has name of article URL will represent that article. In the code below it is this TXP tag

<txp:article_url_title /> 

that defines what image from your gallery (or thumbnail in our case) will be chosen for that mission.

<txp:article_custom section="some-section" limit="999" sort="Posted Asc">
<txp:images limit="1" break="">
<txp:thumbnail name='<txp:article_url_title />' />